When China is the big winner, what do we get?

USA Today 10 Dec 1805 2:11:36 – China is becoming the biggest winner of this century, says economist Mark Thornton.

We can’t win on a grand scale, but we can make significant changes.

Here are the five ways we can do that.

China is growing like never before.

The United States is doing just fine, and the Chinese economy is showing signs of slowing down.

The country is getting the attention of foreign investors and has made some big strides in the areas of health care, education, and infrastructure.

China has made big strides on a number of fronts, but its economy remains far from the kind of growth that could lead to sustained global growth.

China’s economy is getting bigger, but the world isn’t getting any bigger.

China, with an annual population of about 10.5 billion, is now the world’s third-largest economy.

We could be the biggest economy in the world, but if China isn’t going to expand, we are.

The US is doing OK.

We have an economy that is growing faster than anywhere else, but it’s still not a powerhouse in the global economy.

The world’s second-largest, Japan, is slowing down as its economy continues to mature.

It has made a few big strides, but in terms of population and GDP, it’s not even close to being the biggest.

China could become the biggest country in the next 50 years.

And by then, we can expect China to have a big enough economy to become the world leader in terms and in terms terms of the economic growth that the US and Japan can achieve.

In short, China is getting better at growing, and we are going to keep doing what we are doing, Thornton says.

The future looks bright for the US.

China will have to do a better job in terms for its own economy, which has the ability to absorb more people, Thornton adds.

China can grow rapidly, but without a strong economy, it will have trouble growing fast enough to sustain itself.

It will take a long time for China to catch up with the US on the way to becoming the world economy.

And the Chinese government needs to make sure that the economy doesn’t take a back seat.

That’s what Thornton says the Chinese are trying to do.

That doesn’t mean that the government can’t make the economy grow more rapidly, he adds.

But they need to do more to encourage investment in the economy, and they need the US to do better.

The Chinese have made some bold decisions that could put the US in the lead in terms to the development of its economy.

But the US has also made some pretty big decisions, and while the US is now ahead in terms not only of the number of jobs it has created but also of the size of its GDP, that’s not going to be enough.

The two biggest players in China’s future are the US, which continues to be the world-leading economy, with a population of more than a billion, and China, which is expanding at a pace that is more than double the size that it is now.

That makes it clear that China will be able to grow rapidly and, eventually, become the leading economy of the world.

China and the US are on the same page on some important issues, Thornton argues.

In the US we’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out what we can afford to do about climate change, and it’s going to take a while to figure it out.

The more that we focus on things that are going well and not just trying to keep a big lead on things, the sooner we’ll be able solve the climate change problem.

China already has a lot going for it.

In many ways, the Chinese were already ahead of the US when it came to healthcare, education and infrastructure in many ways.

It’s going back to basics on those issues and is moving in the right direction.

And as we get more advanced and China’s pace of growth picks up, that will allow the US economy to get even more advanced.

In a world of rapid economic growth, we should not underestimate the potential of China.

We should be focused on the things that matter to us, including our safety and our economic growth.

We need to take the best of the United States and build on it.

The bottom line is that China is already ahead in some key areas of economic growth and our country is not far behind, Thornton concludes.

If we want to continue to grow, we need to keep investing in infrastructure and education and healthcare, and let the Chinese do the rest.

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