What’s in your fresh-fruit seed?

In a recent blog post, author Scott C. Oakes describes how the seed from the persimmons of his local nursery is a valuable source of nutrients and antioxidants that he’s harvested, prepared and is now using in his garden.

The seeds, he says, are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

The seed, Oakes writes, is grown by “the local family and gardeners of the area.”

It’s also available at nurseries and farmers markets.

Oake’s garden is one of the more popular garden centers in the country, with visitors flocking from all over to see his beautiful garden.

Oaks says the seeds were also a favorite of the famous garden-and-fruit-show promoter, Paul McCartney.

And they are now used in his popular “Paul McCartney’s Garden” tour, which features the popular singer in a variety of settings.

“It’s all about the health benefits of the seeds,” Oakes said.

The Persimmons are native to South America and have been used for centuries for food, but their seeds have never been widely used as a source of nutrition.

Oaking said he was intrigued by the seed’s nutritional properties.

“I was just intrigued by its nutritional value, because I’ve never seen any of it before in my garden,” he said.

“So I started looking around and just thought, ‘What would the seeds do?’

OAKS’S PLAN The seeds are grown in his local farm near Hinesville, Illinois, by the local family. “

I’m going to make some seeds.

OAKS’S PLAN The seeds are grown in his local farm near Hinesville, Illinois, by the local family.

They’re harvested, ground and processed, then packed into a capsule.

The capsules are placed in the ground and allowed to ferment for four to six weeks, which allows the nutrients to leach into the soil.

Oakers said he then adds the capsules to the soil and begins to grow them.

He said the seeds have been shown to produce about 30 pounds of fruit each year, but he expects to grow up to 300 pounds per year, if he keeps them all.

The fruits are then dried, packaged in a “candy bag” and eaten.

And he added that he hopes to continue growing the seeds for many years. “

Paul is not a farmer, he’s not a gardener, he just goes to concerts and does his shows and talks about how good the seeds are and what a good seed they are,” Oake said.

And he added that he hopes to continue growing the seeds for many years.

“My goal is to produce some seeds that people will eat, because they’re really good for you,” he explained.

“And I think the world needs more fresh fruit.”


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