Are you a fan of the “Do Not Disturb” feature on iOS and now wonder what is share focus status? Then you will love the latest focus mode features added alongside DND. You can now set different focus modes depending on what you are doing at different times of the day. In a meeting, turn on DND. Are you going to take a nap? Turn on the ‘Sleep’ mode. Want the help of your iPhone for navigation? Turn on the ‘Driving’ mode.

In this guide, we will talk in-depth about share focus status, what is share focus status perks & benefits and how you can switch it on your iOS devices.

What is Focus Mode on iOS?

If you need to know what is share focus status is? Then we have the answers. iOS 15 brings a bunch of new refinements, features, and other benefits. This article will show what is share focus status on iPhone and above most helpful feature, “Focus.” If you are familiar with the do not disturb feature on iOS 14, it will be easier to understand what is share focus status on iPhone.

Focus mode is like “Do not disturb.” This means that focus mode is there to help you concentrate on specific tasks depending on context. That context could be the time of day, or it could be the location that you are in.

So basically, if you enable the focus mode, you can enable certain apps, people, and notifications to show up on your devices, and it does work across your devices with the same Apple Id.

Focus mode gives you an upper hand in managing notifications from a different application. If you want to Silent any app’s notification or give any app priority focus mode, manage the specific notifications according to your selected “Focus Mode” or customize focus modes.

Some Enhanced Perks Share the Focus

Focus mode enhances by giving you many more options and customization. We will walk you through what is share focus status on iPhone’s different options. You can use and customize them based on your location, time, and even the app you open, which will switch between the different modes.

Focus mode comes with many options in iOS 15 and later, like work, sleep, weekend, mindfulness, home evening, and driving. One of the excellent parts is that you can customize the focus mode and add other various modes according to your situation.

Every feature in Focus mode is designed in the best possible way. In the old iOS version, the user gets only the option of “Don’t Disturb.” But in iOS 15, the focus mode is upgraded and has many valuable perks. You can use every focus mode according to your situation.

What is Share Focus Status?

The feature, formally known as “Do not disturb,” got renamed and upgraded when iOS15 was rolled out. Nowadays, iPhone and iPad users know it as “Focus.” The share focus status iPhone allows other iOS users to see that you have one of many focus modes activated.

Share Focus is the way you can share your focus settings with friends or colleagues in iOS 15. Many people in your contact list almost call or text you nearly all day without knowing that you are either free to talk or busy with your routine.

Your friends often try to contact you, but you cannot contact them, and sometimes it may create fear that you cannot contact them. So, iOS share focus is the most outstanding feature, especially for those who care about you. Share Focus and notify others about your active mode at work or driving.

This feature helps you and other people in many ways. If any of your friends try to contact you during a focus mode activated, let them know that you have activated a focus.

Although share focus prohibits any notification from popping on your device, it does have an emergency notification feature. If your friend has an emergency state, they can wait for you until you get back or notify you anyway.

You can adjust settings so that repeated calling or from favorites can bypass the focus mode. If your friend chooses “Notify anyway,” you will receive a notification from your friend.

What is Customized Shared Focus Status?

The customized focus feature allows you to create multiple focus modes rather than default modes to share with your contacts. iOS users can customize and create their modes in the settings app.

For example, you can create your fitness mode if you want to work out and don’t want to be disturbed. Focus mode allows you to customize what happens when somebody tries to reach out to you.

If you were wondering still what is share focus status? then this will silence your notifications. You can pick any app and people you want to receive text messages and alerts and schedule the time automatically. Hence, it turns on every time according to your preferred time settings or when you are at the gym location.

From the settings, you will need to select the mode you want to customize it. Once you open the mode, it will give you a few suggestions like

  • Silence Notification
  • Don’t Miss out
  • Share a status
  • Health

It is all up to you what you prefer to choose. Either you will mute every notification no matter what, or you will select essential people who can still access you and want to receive notifications.

In customization, you can add whatever app you want to receive a notification from. Just like workout apps, walk time.

Focus mode also has one of the cool features known as “Time Sensitive.” If you enable time-sensitive notification, you will be able to allow people and apps to notify you still immediately even if you have focus status turned on.

This feature is for important company meetings or an alert from a close friend or family member.

Why Should You Share Your Focus Status?

what is share focus status


As you already know, what is the share focus status? Share focus status iPhone is pretty handy. When somebody tries to contact you with iMessage, and you have Focus turned on, they will see that you have enabled Focus and have the option to wait for you unless it is critical to contact you.

There are many uncertain events in life, and often, people keep their phones on ‘Silent Mode,’ which may cause many misunderstandings in an emergency.

Using share focus status iPhone can save a ton of time and prevent a user from misunderstanding scenarios. When iOS users activate any focus mode, they can share it across their different contacts so their friends and family members can get a notification that they have activated it.

On the other hand, sharing your focus status iPhone will also help your family and friends not create false imaginations about you or make them think that you are ignoring them without any reason.

Not only this, but share Focus also has other benefits and perks. It keeps your mind healthy and tense-free without tons of notifications and distractions. This is especially true during working hours. It helps you to concentrate entirely on the work that you are doing.

If you attend any important meeting, activate a “Focus” and share your focus status. So there’s a high chance no one will disturb you because they already know about your situation and will not call to text you until you get free, or else there’s an emergency.

How to Share Your Focus Status?

iOS 15 can share your current active focus mode or status with anyone on iMessage that you have been messaging back & forth with, and they can see that you have a notification silenced and won’t be receiving a text until you get back

As we have already discussed and you are aware, all iOS devices that support iOS 15 and later now include the new focus function.

You can find “Focus” in ‘Settings’ and the control center on iOS 15 and later. We have made it clear that it is not just an iPhone-specific feature but also works on other iOS-supported devices and has integration on Mac OS, iPad OS, and watch OS.

Technically it’s the addition or more advanced way to think about “Do Not Disturb” mode if you think about it, with some new features and perks. This new feature allows iOS users to create multiple focus modes. By default, you will see some frequently used focus modes.

To enable the iOS focus feature, head to the settings

  • Scroll down, and you will find the “Focus” option under “Sounds & Haptics.”
  • Tap on Focus to enter the “Focus Modes.”
  • Here, you will find different modes. Select any mode from the list
  • After selecting the specific focus mode, you enable the “Share Focus” to notify other iOS users about your active focus mode.

what is share focus status

what is share focus status

How to Turn Off Share Focus Status?

iOS 15 can share focus status and share your current active focus status with other iOS users. Although share focus status iPhone provides excellent privacy by letting other people know in your contact that you are away for a short period. You can also turn it off if you don’t want anyone to see your share focus status.

To turn your share Focus status off, follow the below methods

  • The first thing you will need is to go into the settings
  • Once in settings, scroll to the bottom and click “Focus.”
  • It will open the list of currently activated focus modes
  • You will need to select the specific mode for which you want to turn off the Focus
  • Scroll down to the option where you will see “Focus Status” tap on it and will open the new window “Share Focus Status” tap on it and will automatically turn off the share focus status.

what is share focus status


Today we presented the complete guide about the recently introduced feature “Focus” on iOS 15. Do you want to go in-depth and know what share focus status is and its different features and perks? You can go through our guide and learn about all the hidden facts of share focus status. You can learn the method of how to share focus status iPhone and how to turn on & off share focus mode.

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