2022 is ending with the sad news of the death of the Brazilian Soccer Legend and three-time World Cup champion – Pele.

The news of Pele’s death has shocked many Soccer fans. His daughter on social media confirmed the news of his death. His daughter wrote, “All that we are is thanks to you. We love you infinitely. Rest in peace”.

The Wembley Stadium arch was lit in the national colours of Brazil, and the Brazilian government proclaimed three days of national mourning. In Santos, southeast of Sao Paulo, where he played for the local club from 1956 until 1974, Pele is anticipated to be buried. 

According to Santos, the casket containing the star will depart the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo early on Monday and be positioned in the field’s centre circle.

The health condition of Pele has been serious over the past year as he has been suffering from colon cancer. 

Pele was admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in November due to deteriorating health conditions. And on 29 December, the hospital confirmed the legend’s death at 3:27 local time. The reason stated by the hospital was – ‘failure of the multiple organs.’

Tributes Pour in for ‘King Pele’

Condolences have started coming from all over the world. 

  • The Brazilian president Lula wrote, ‘there was never a number 10 like him’. 
  • Neymar Jr. wrote, ‘Pele changed everything, giving a voice to the poor, to Black people and giving visibility to Brazil.’
  • The CBF soccer federation of Brazil said, ‘Pele gave us a new Brazil, and we can only thank him for his legacy.’
  • Cristiano Ronaldo posted a tribute to the king on his Instagram handle and wrote, ‘the death of the King Pele has sent great pain throughout the football world’. 
  • Argentina’s star footballer Messi also paid tribute to King Pele in his Instagram post. 
  • Mbappe wrote, ‘the king of football has left us, but his legacy will never be forgotten.’
  • Joe Biden said, “Jill and I’s thought are with his family and all those who loved him.”

Pele: One of the Greatest Players 

The Brazilian Soccer Legend Pele Dies at 82

Source: images.says.com

The era has just come to an end!

Pele was one of the greatest football players of all time. Pele is the one & only player in the world that has won 3 World Cups – 1958, 1962, and 1970. When he was of 17 years and 249 days, he scored twice in the first of those victories to set a record for being the youngest player to do so in a World Cup final.

Pele was the top goal-scorer of Brazil, with 77 goals on his name in the 92 games.

Pele was awarded the title – “Athlete of the Century” by the International Olympic Committee, and FIFA awarded him – “Football Player of the Century” and “National Treasure” by the government of Brazil. 

He has also served as the Goodwill UNICEF ambassador for many years to promote peace and support for vulnerable children. 

Pele’s Contribution to Football

The Brazilian Soccer Legend Pele Dies at 82

Source: firstsportz.com

A legacy that endures to this day is that Pelé is largely responsible for igniting interest in the sport in the United States during the 1970s. 

Many players believe that he changed everything; he turned football into art & entertainment. 

He is the inspiration of many established football players, and he still inspires many who want to enter this game!

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Final Words

Pele may have gone from between us, but he will inspire many aspiring football players. Pele was and will always remain the first global football superstar. He has left, but his legacy will remain here and will live forever.

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