Looking for a powerful eCommerce platform that can help take your business to the next level? Then look no further than Maropost Commerce!

With its advanced automation tools, comprehensive features, and user-friendly interface, Maropost Commerce offers everything you need to streamline your eCommerce operations and take your marketing efforts to the next level. Whether you’re a small business owner just starting out or a seasoned eCommerce veteran, Maropost Commerce has the tools and support you need to succeed.

Are you ready to discover the incredible features that Maropost has to offer? Then check out this article, where we’ll take a deep dive into everything that makes Maropost the ultimate eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes.

What is Maropost eCommerce?

Maropost Commerce is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that focuses on customer relationships and growth strategies for online businesses. Its unique features, such as order management, customer segmentation, and cart recovery, help eCommerce stores manage and grow their revenue.

In addition to these features, Maropost Commerce also provides services such as email marketing, advanced reporting, customer data management, lead generation, and more. By leveraging multiple channels, businesses can engage customers and drive more sales.

Maropost Commerce takes a data-driven approach to marketing, which has become increasingly important in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape. Businesses can use data to inform marketing strategies to increase their return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates, leading to greater success and growth.

What are the Great Features of Maropost eCommerce?

Companies can benefit from Maropost marketing solutions with major marketing channels like email, mobile messaging, websites & social media. In addition, the software simplifies complex campaigns and automates processes to ease off some of the business owners’ burdens.

1. Email Campaigns:

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help any business to get the highest return on investment and customer retention costs. With this channel, you can swiftly create new campaigns, repeat existing ones, and easily modify running campaigns. In addition, each button beside each campaign can be used to begin crafting your emails and make changes at any stage of the process.

2. Acquisition Forms:

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Landing pages are a great way to attract and engage potential leads. They typically consist of sign-up forms, surveys, and other data collection elements. A user-friendly editor with drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to construct high-quality landing pages with minimal effort.

3. Push Notifications

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Maropost offers a mobile app that helps to deliver instantaneous push notifications and interact with customers. This is somewhat similar to SMS marketing but offers some advanced features as well. It’s an effective way of getting important messages out quickly and engaging your customers.

4. Text Marketing:

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Maropost provides a convenient way to stay in touch with customers through SMS campaigns. It lets you quickly craft and distribute promotional messages, and updates on new products, exclusive offers, and upcoming sales. This can be done in two steps – composing the message, selecting your contact list, and scheduling the campaign.

5. Customer Segmentation: 

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Audience tag has a feature that functions like a buyer persona, helping to group customers together and customize strategies & content that are relevant. You’ll have the option to create new segments, replicate existing ones or edit pre-existing categories. 

6. Social Media Channels: 

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

This platform simplifies the process of creating and scheduling high-quality social media posts. It automatically categorizes content into an appropriate sequence and re-publishes them in desired intervals until they expire. Additionally, it can randomize the order of whole campaigns.

7. Monitor Website:

The analytics feature gives users deep insight into the performance of their campaigns. By tracking the leads and displaying details of webpages visited, it helps to understand customer interests and optimize the website for better lead generation.

8. Content Management:

Maropost eCommerce

Source: financesonline.com

The platform offers a content library for organizing & managing your marketing campaigns. This library can store various items – such as email templates, footer logos, images, and coupon content – in separate spaces for better organization.

AI assistants also provide additional features that can be integrated with emails, such as countdown clocks, content recommendations and content feeds. These features allow users to view personalized content to generate better leads & keep the readers entertained.

9. Analytics and Reporting:

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

This section provides comprehensive analytics & reporting tools for user activities. For example, different reports are available to measure the success of a campaign, track the summary of a webpage, and make a note of customer interactions.

The main dashboard displays essential metrics, including bounce rate, revenue and click-through rate. Aside from this, users can get detailed analytics and have an overview of customer behavior. It’s also possible to tailor the reports by tapping into the platform’s capabilities.

10. Shipping and Payments: 

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

Inventory management on Maropost enables you to manage all your shipments and transactions from a single dashboard. In addition, it has several shipping partners to assist with calculations of shipping costs, packaging of orders, printing labels for packages, and finally, delivering them to customers.

To make checkout even easier and more convenient, these tools also offer customers the option of using credit cards or PayPal to complete their purchases. This makes for a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

11. Seamless Integration: 

Maropost is designed to make it easier for businesses to streamline their workflow. By integrating with different systems such as CRMs, social media platforms and marketing automation tools, the usability of the platform is enhanced with better features and functionalities.

What are the Uses of Maropost eCommerce?

maropost ecommerce

Source: maropost.com

Cloud-based CRM software helps manage relationships with customers, store customer data and analyze user behaviour. This platform is vital for successful eCommerce Website Development as it allows businesses to monitor customer interactions effectively. Popular ways of utilizing this technology include but are not limited to…

  • Managing customer data: Businesses now have the ability to compile and organize customer information, such as contact info, buying history, and likes/dislikes. This data can be used for a variety of marketing strategies & customer support initiatives.
  • Marketing automation: The platform provides a set of marketing tools, including email, SMS, and social media, that enable businesses to send tailored marketing messages to their customers according to their behaviors and preferences.
  • Customer segmentation: Maropost offers powerful segmentation options to businesses that can help them deliver targeted marketing campaigns. Segmenting customers based on their purchase history, location, or behavior enables companies to craft personalized messages & offers to their audience.
  • Customer service: This platform offers an array of features for tackling customer inquiries & complaints, such as a live chat and an advanced ticketing system. It’s the perfect tool for streamlining customer service.
  • Analytics: Businesses can take advantage of the analytics and reporting tools provided to track their performance in marketing & sales, as well as gain insights into customer behavior and trends.
  • Email marketing: Maropost offers an array of features to help businesses effectively communicate with their customers, build their brands, and promote products. It allows them to create, send & track email marketing campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Personalization: This platform offers personalized eCommerce marketing messages & content according to the customer’s preferences which is quite helpful for businesses.
  • eCommerce: Maropost offers an extensive range of eCommerce services to better equip businesses to run their online stores. These include product catalog management, order processing, and customer management – all of which help save time and effort.
  • Customer data management: Maropost provides a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that helps businesses collect customer info from multiple sources (online & offline). This enables them to create more tailored marketing campaigns based on precise customer data analytics.

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Future of Maropost eCommerce

Maropost eCommerce

Source: maropost.com

1. Continuous Growth:

eCommerce is on the rise, with more and more people becoming comfortable with making purchases online. As a result, companies have to expand their digital presence to meet customer expectations. Maropost assists businesses in managing their online shop and marketing techniques to cope successfully with this demand.

2. Higher Competition:

With the rise in eCommerce marketing, there is an increased competition between eCommerce solution providers. This gives Maropost a great opportunity to make improvements and develop new features.

3. Customer Behavior:

Maropost understands that customers have certain expectations when it comes to online shopping and is able to enhance their experience with the help of powerful tools and resources. This ensures a smooth and user-friendly process for all their customers.

By using this technology, consumer-business interactions become easier and more efficient. Moreover, its multi-device compatibility makes it even more attractive, resulting in greater customer engagement.

4. New Trends:

The eCommerce platform goals would be centered around leveraging new technologies & features to make it easier for businesses to manage and enhance their marketing initiatives.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create automated marketing processes, integrate new transactions and implement fulfilment solutions can offer customers a much more efficient and enjoyable experience.


Data-driven marketing is the way to go if you’re looking for personalized experiences or dealing with marketing technologies. Employing eCommerce developers to connect your channels with potential leads can take your business to the next level. Additionally, it provides advanced features and analytics that will help you maximize revenue.

Expert assistance helps you manage your email, social media, web, & SMS marketing through a single platform. It also automates the necessary tasks like inventory monitoring, sales operations, integration and support for multiple channels – thereby freeing up your time and resources.


1. How Much Does Maropost Cost?

Maropost does not provide a free version or a complimentary trial. Their paid version begins at a monthly cost of $ 79.00 / month

2. What is Maropost Used for? 

Marketing Automation + ecommerce Platform
Maropost Commerce Cloud is an all-in-one ecommerce platform that offers a comprehensive solution for B2B and multi-channel ecommerce, as well as inventory management, order management, and shipping labeling.

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