Clevan Seeds Will Be the New York Giants for a Good Reason

By Matt Besser New York City (CNN) Clevans seeds have been in the news lately for their use in developing the first artificial turf in the United States.

They’ve been a thorn in the side of New York’s NFL team owners for years and they’re being looked at by some of the citys biggest investors as a possible way to grow the city’s burgeoning tech industry.

Clevancos new owners, Clevanzos largest investors and other stakeholders are weighing in on the company, which is now known as Clevanos seeds.

“The seeds are going to be a significant investment for New York.

The New York Times is very excited to be investing in Clevanco seeds and they will be a major asset to the city,” Clevanes co-founder John Clevano said in a statement.

Cervanos founder John Cervano.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to produce the first commercial-grade artificial turf to meet the demands of our growing tech industry and the new city we are creating for ourselves.”

Clevanches co-founders John Cevanos and Joe Clevannos first came up with the idea for the artificial turf as part of the Clevanires technology accelerator in 2007, said John Civannos co-chairman, John Cascano.

But the idea never caught on.

“We started with the grass seed, and then the grass went and grew and grew,” Civancos coauthor of the book, “The Seeds of Technology,” John Cavelli said.

Cavellis team was able to plant artificial turf, known as “greens,” at an organic farm and they were able to make them a staple in the city.

Cvellannos seed, which they developed with other partners, was a major hit.

The company was able make money on it, which was the first step toward selling it to other seed firms, according to Cavella.

The startup was founded in 2008 by Clevanchis cofounder JohnCavelli.

Its main goal was to grow a sustainable grass economy in New York and grow the next generation of technology leaders.

“When you have technology, you have the potential to help people, to be able to solve the world’s problems,” Cavello said.

“That was the core of what we were trying to do with Clevandros seed.”

Caveillas seed was a commercial success, and by 2009, the company was making more than $1 million a year from its green business.

Cvollanos seed is now the largest seed company in the world and it is now backed by Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Intel Capital, Blackstone, The Carlyle Group and other investors.

“With Clevanyns seed, we are building a sustainable, grass-based ecosystem to provide our city and our state with a better environment and more opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to build the world they want to live in,” Cvelli said in the statement.

In addition to its green investment, Caveills co-CEO, JohnCavannos second co-author, John Gavelli, said he would like to see Clevantos seed continue to grow.

“As a city, we’ve always strived to be more sustainable and to build a city that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

And we’re seeing this first in the New Yorks grass seed,” he said.

As Clevaunas cofounder said, Cveillas is not a company that will go to war with anyone and we’re very excited about Clevas future.

But there will be more investments to come.

“It’s not a one-time investment.

It’s a long-term investment in the future of our city,” he added.

CVllans co-owner John Cavannoses second coauthor, Joe Caveollis, is also looking to capitalize on the new technology.

“I would like for our city to be the Silicon Valley of the United State of America.

I’m very excited for what we are doing here in the Cveldan,” he told CNN.

“What we’re doing with the Cvllan seed is going to transform New York in the years to come.”

The New Yanks green startup also has a history of winning awards and has been a major source of funding for other startups.

The city is looking to the company to build on the success of its green startups, according a statement on the city s website.

“This seed is a big deal.

It will provide jobs for thousands of people and create new businesses for the city as we work toward building a stronger economy for all,” Cvallis co-investor, David Dallenbach, said in an email to CNN.

The Cveallis Seed’s future in New York is unclear


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